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Luna J.

Luna's surgery is scheduled for mid-May!


My name is Luna. I'm a Golden Retriever-Husky mix, and I just celebrated my 1st birthday. I love playing fetch and squeaking all of my toys for anyone who will listen! People are always telling me I'm the sweetest girl, and it's true -- I'm always giving kisses and am quick to show my belly for belly rubs!


I was born with an intrahepatic portosystemic liver shunt, and I need your help raising money for surgery. My condition means my liver doesn't work as it should, so my blood does not get the filtration it needs, and toxins build up and absorb into my body.


I'm currently being stabilized with medications (3x daily) and a special prescription diet to reduce the number of toxins produced and absorbed, but this is only a temporary fix. According to VCA Hospitals, over 1/2 of the dogs with intrahepatic portosystemic liver shunts that are treated medically are euthanized within ten months of diagnosis because of uncontrollable neurological signs like seizures, behavioral changes, and progressive liver damage. But not me! My doctor says I’m doing alright, and that surgery is my best option for a long, healthy life with a survival rate of 95%!


Please help me get the surgery I need to continue being the good-est girl!

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