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  • There's no phone number on your website. How do I contact you?
    Thorin's Promise is an all-volunteer organization so there aren't any set hours. As such, we are unable to provide outbound/inbound phone calls. You can send an email from our Contact page.
  • How is Thorin's Promise able to help those that need it?  Where does the money come from?
    Our funds come from our GENEROUS DONORS! We raise these funds by using online and in-person fundraising events. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for our fundraising efforts.
  • Does Thorin's Promise only help low-income families?
    No. For emergency, life-saving care, we will try to help those that can prove a true hardship. For routine care (vacinnations, spay/neutering, etc.) we can only help those that are considered low income. Be prepared to answer sensitive questions related to your finances when you apply.
  • Does your staff get paid?
    No, we are an all-volunteer organization.
  • Do you receive government grants?
    No, we do not receive any goverment grants. All of our funding comes from our generous donors.
  • How do I apply for financial assistance?
    After November 1, 2021, you can apply using our Help My Pet page. Please be sure to read ALL of the guidelines and requirements before applying. As a small non-profit, we are unable to help everyone.
  • What type of veterinary care do you provide grants for?
    Basic Care - spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, and/or routine dental for low-income families. $150 max Diagnostics - Xrays, MRI, blood work to help in the diagnosis of an issue. - $500 max Emergency - life-saving care - we will work with the family and their vet to determine a grant amount Life Enhancing - wheelchair, support harness - 50% - $250 max We can not fund non-life threatening surgeries (broken bones, torn ligaments, dental extractions, etc.) or medications.
  • Will you pay for euthanasia and cremation?
    Yes, we will help a low-income family with final expenses. $200 max
  • What is routine dental care?
    Routine dental care includes dental cleaning with anesthesia, and may include extractions, as needed for the treatment of tartar, plaque & gingivitis.
  • I have a business and would like to have a benefit to help Thorin's Promise.  How do I go about helping?
    We are so thankful for those individuals and businesses that want to help Thorin’s Promise. Please send us an email using our Contact page and we'll get back to you.
  • How can I spread the word about Thorin's Promise?
    Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to share our message and mission to your family and friends. Tell everyone you know about Thorin's Promise.
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