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Silas the Cat

March 2022 update - Silas is doing very well!  He recovered from his surgery and is living his best life.

Silas was taken to the vet with a suspected UTI.  Unfortunately, it turned out that he had a blockage in his urinary tract which would be fatal if it wasn’t removed.

Silas’ family had recently moved to the area and his Dad had just started working at a new job. He did not have the funds needed but he couldn’t let his boy be euthanized. The family had just lost their other cat, Niko, around the holidays and they now are faced with this large, unexpected expense to save Silas while still mourning Niko.

Dad was able to provide the deposit needed and Silas underwent the surgery. He made it through and is on his way to recovery!

Can you help Silas so that he can successfully recover and live a long, happy life?

Finn W.

On Friday, January 21st, 2022, Finn (2-years old) went to the vet for a routine checkup. While he was there, it was determined that he is anemic. He went to the University of Georgia Vet Hosp. and has had many tests. It turns out that Finn has non-regenerative anemia and may need more blood transfusions. He has had one transfusion already and is currently stable. His family is awaiting results from a bone marrow aspiration to determine what is causing the problem. Finn will continue to need blood testing to monitor levels and regular exams to monitor his progress.


Mom is a full-time student at UGA and adopted Finn as her companion for emotional support. With the help of her mom, they have already paid $2500. Mom receives grants and loans for school so she is unable to come up with large sums of money. 


Can you help Finn receive the care he needs to determine what the problem is so he can receive life-saving care?  He has MANY more years left to bring happiness & joy to his family.

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Rio (1).png

Cymbelle and Rio were able to get spayed & neutered!  Mom was going to have to rehome one of them if she couldn't get them fixed.  We were able to help them all stay together!

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